Established 1921 - A Treasure Trove Of A Curiosity Shop.

Our History

Marsh's Free Museum - Long Beach WA - History

For the original founders of Marsh’s Free Museum, it was moving to Washington and opening a candy shop and ice cream store. A few years later when the passenger liner Admiral Benson went aground in the fog near Cape Disappointment, the enterprising Wellington Marsh, Sr. sensed a business opportunity and hurriedly opened a temporary hamburger stand to feed the curious onlookers. It was a beginning that would have Marsh return to the Peninsula in 1935, after owning a tavern in Gray’s River. Marsh’s Free Museum was born.

Originally across the street from its current location, Marsh’s Free Museum soon became known as a place where you might purchase that weird stuff found when cleaning out the attic, or in Uncle Albert’s old trunk.

Marsh's Free Museum - Long Beach WA - History
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